There are innumerable opportunities to build cool stuff in the Nostr space. Nostr is new, open, decentralized, accessible, and elegantly simple. Nostr has all the signs of game-changing innovation and has garnered enormous early momentum. This page and related notes are dedicated to sharing a few Nostr possibilities with the developer and startup communities. The Nostr protocol is built for extensibility even though it only has seven data elements. Below is a brief analysis of how you can extend Nostr.

Extend Nostr with a New Kind

One of the seven data fields for any Nostr Note (event) is Kind <integer>. The are various types of Note Kinds already defined: short text, long-form, DMs, chat, zaps, relay metadata, and more.

Develop New Functionality with Tags

Another data element in a Nostr Note is Tag. A tag is a single alpha character with a related string. Current Tags include; e-event, p-pubkey, r-reference webpage, g-geotag, t-hashtag, d-discard, r-relay metadata, etc. This is yet another elegant method of adding extensibility without bloating the protocol.

Submit a New NIP

NIPs are extensible and open to the community. So once you understand the protocol and have a new idea not already covered, you should share it by submitting a NIP.